In 1991, a prominent Melbourne lawyer Leon Sholl expanded his practice and opened Melbourne-based Sholl Nicholson Pty focusing on providing Australian insurers with specialist legal representation.

The following year Sholl Nicholson formed a partnership with Recoveries Corporation Group Ltd resulting in the creation of an end-to-end cost effective recoveries model and the expansion of Sholl Nicholson into debt recovery advice and litigation.

In 2003, the firm was rebranded Mason Black Lawyers and expanded its services with the establishment of our Sydney office.

In 2014, Mason Black Lawyers joined forces with Kempsons Lawyers, which was established by Peter Kempson in 1969. This resulted in Mason Black Lawyers expanding its services into wills and estate planning, business law and property law.

Today, Mason Black Lawyers employs 45 staff and boasts a strong commercial client base including some of Australia’s largest insurers and commercial organisations.